The Tall Tower Dataset is a freely accessible collection of quality controlled tall tower wind data, uniformly formatted and approachable through a unique access point (see ‘Access the data’ section).


The dataset is the result of an exhaustive work that can be summarised in the following numbers:

  • 297 tall tower sites have been identified and the data owner has been contacted. A full list containing their metadata is presented here (see ‘Access the data’ section)

  • 181 of these tall tower owners provided data that can be accessed here

  • 41 tall tower owners provided the data but not the grants to share them

  • 75 tall tower locations have been inaccessible either because the data responsible refused to participate or did not give any response to our kind request

  • 18 Quality Control tests have been applied to ensure a high quality of the wind data

  • Up to 5 different variables are ready to use


Data representation


The data are offered in different levels of information:


We kindly ask the data user to carefully read the README.txt file whenever a tall tower is accessed. Sometimes, explicit credit to the original data provider must be given. A total of 222 tall towers contain a summary including the main site metadata and some basic plots summarising the wind data. This content is also downloadable under license CC BY-NC 4.0.


Schematic representation of an instrumented lattice tall tower. Image adapted from Winsent Weather Data


To find more information on the data collection, formatting and quality control, please access this publication: The Tall Tower Dataset. Technical Note.