The Tall Tower Dataset has been entirely compiled at the Earth System Services group within the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The expertise of the group ranges from fundamental research in climate and atmospheric composition modelling to the liaison with socioeconomic sectors that can benefit from our services.

One of the research lines focuses on delivering trustful seasonal climate predictions to the energy sector, especially for wind energy generation. In this regard, past climatological records are highly needed to increase the quality of those climate predictions. Since modern wind turbine’s hubs are located at around 100 metres above ground, in situ wind observations taken at these heights in tall meteorological towers are more useful than those measured at surface level. Regrettably, hub height wind data are not easy to approach because they usually belong to private companies or are stored in sparse datasets harsh to find and use.

To help facilitate and boost the utilisation of tall tower data, the INDECIS project has put efforts in rescuing and gathering non-standard meteorological data, among others. The BSC has contributed to the initiative by delivering a unique collection of high-quality tall tower wind data, which can be accessed here.




The creation of this data web catalogue has been made possible thanks to an interdisciplinary team at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


Jaume Ramon

Climate scientist

Compiled, formatted and quality controlled the tall tower data.


Llorenç Lledó

Climate scientist

Supervised the scientific work and assisted JR at the different stages of the dataset creation.


Marina Conde

Web developer

Created the data web catalogue.


Diana Urquiza

User experience designer

Assisted MC to improve the visualisation of the different web sections.


Isadora Jiménez

Science communication specialist

Supervised the web catalogue development work.


Hyytiälä forest met mast.
Courtesy of Jesús Yus-Díez